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What are the characteristics of the metering pump in terms of process?

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‍ ‍ The metering pump is also called the metering pump. It is used in many processes. Now the international brands of the mainstream are Milton Luo metering pump , OBL metering pump, Promite metering pump, Pulsafeeder metering pump, etc. Several questions to be aware of the selection requirements for metering pumps:

   In your selection, please compare whether there are 5 points below


Flow rate (L/h) of the liquid to be metered, required pressure MPa).


The primary characteristics of the liquid to be metered, liquid name, chemical corrosivity, viscosity (cp), temperature (°C), concentration, specific gravity, solid content (about slurry), etc.


, back pressure of the system, the stability of the activity, the appropriate suction height


The working environment of the metering pump, such as whether it is required to be corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof, etc.


, other options of demand, automatic control methods, external control signal types, such as analog control, pulse volume control, flow monitoring and timers.


‍ ‍ Based on the above points, it is possible to determine the pump head material (PP, PVC, PVDF, 316SS, 316L, 316TI, etc.) of the metering pump, diaphragm material (single diaphragm, double hydraulic barrier, sandwich diaphragm, etc.), control Method (manual control, 4-20MA control, FM control, etc.), when choosing a liquid with a relatively high viscosity, please pay attention to the choice of stainless steel sealing ball or double sealing ball (also called valve ball) to reach the liquid of viscosity.


‍ ‍ The accuracy of the metering pump can reach about 5% in general. The hydraulic gauge metering pump can reach 2% accuracy. The details depend on the customer's requirements.


‍ ‍ If you choose the type according to the above process, it is definitely appropriate to estimate the metering pump .

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