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Our advantage

Professional non-standard customization, to provide customers with the most perfect service!

Product advantages

The hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is small in size, light in weight, no noise, no leakage, suitable for conveying various corrosive and precious liquids.

Jw metering pump is easy to operate, accurate in measurement, simple in installation, suitable for purification, sewage treatment, laboratory, laboratory and other metering

Chemical liquid filter - high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, safe boot protection device, user-friendly design, wide filter area, high efficiency, easy to clean

High-pressure reciprocating pump - uniform flow, stable pressure, compact structure, easy operation, suitable for high pressure, high flow liquid metering

Double-tank double-pump dosing device--with diaphragm rupture alarm device, stable performance, safe and reliable

All kinds of products are professional non-standard custom, sales network throughout the country, to meet the different needs of customers

after-sale warranty

National 24-hour customer service hotline, ready to receive

One year warranty, lifetime maintenance, perfect after-sales maintenance guarantee, so that you have no worries

Focus on the pump industry for more than ten years, rich experience in product production, research and development to produce non-standard products that meet different customer needs

Products that meet national standards, safe and stable, and excellent performance

Factory direct sales, source supply, cost-effective, multiple comparisons, your final choice

Company Profile / About us

Huai'an Longxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and researcher of J series metering pump 3D series high pressure reciprocating pump, H series acid and alkali resistant pump, HJY series dosing device and water treatment equipment, which can develop various high precision for customers. Special metering pumps and technical support. The company's products are now widely used in oilfield, chemical, metallurgy, power, printing and dyeing, paper, environmental protection, water treatment, food and beverage industry, military, nuclear industry and scientific research industries, and are widely used in various major project technical equipment.



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