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The method of calculating the dosage of medicament by using the dosing device

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-03

AboutDosing devicePresumably in the factory to work people are not unfamiliar, then in the use of dosing equipment, a problem is more difficult to increase the amount of the problem, below we will learn about the use of dosing equipment to calculate the amount of the drug dosing method.

1, the main way to control the amount of pharmaceutical dosing is based on equipment equipped with the level sensor, the use of liquid level sensor control automatic dosing equipment dosing pump, after the automatic equipment conditioning metering pump dosing concentration, and then complete the different concentrations of the medicament to add.

2, now on the market common automatic dosing equipment, although can automatically control dosing, but these equipment can not complete long-distance control stop, dosing, dosing pump work, so can only be considered semi-automatic dosing equipment. And the newly developed pharmaceutical equipment can link mobile phone, computer control software, after long-distance control of the operation of real-time monitoring equipment, according to the need to open the dosing pump or shut down. The use of the device can be a user contrived equipment, complete at home can master equipment and thousands of miles away, the full automatic dosing of pharmaceutical equipment dosing concentration.

But there is a problem we need to keep in mind, though fully automatedDosing deviceCan be based on the appropriate amount of automatic control of the dosage of the medicament, but there is no change in accordance with the water quality adjustment automatic dosing situation. In this situation, we need to change the concentration of artificial conditioning agent according to the water quality to achieve the ideal water treatment effect.