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What are the options for metering pump head selection?

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-03

, metering pump pump head: important consideration of its raw material problems, generally use the general metering pump pump head raw materials: metering pump PP, PVC, PTFE and SS316.

PP: simple molding, low cost, acid and alkali resistance and certain high temperature resistance; but not suitable for organic solvents, strong acids and alkalis and liquids containing hypochlorite. The concentration is limited.

PVC: simple molding, low cost, acid and alkali resistance, but not suitable for organic solvents, strong acid and alkali and liquids above 40 ° C, suitable for food and drinking water occupation, toxic, food bags no longer use PVC bags.

PTFE: Suitable for various media, high temperature resistance, but difficult to form, high cost.

SS316: Suitable organic solvent and high temperature liquid, but not resistant to strong acid.

2, metering pump barrier selection: metering pump commonly used barrier: composite barrier and pure PTFE barrier; composite barrier: the inside of the NBR rubber spacer with a layer of PTFE film coated with a layer of PTFE film constitutes a composite barrier, and some in the rubber barrier A wire mesh is also inlaid to add its strength. The barrier is low in cost and large in elasticity, and can generate a large flow rate from a small plane scale, so that the power of the electromagnet is reduced and the production cost is lowered. However, in long-term operation, the heat of the electromagnet will accumulate on the rubber surface through the conduction of radiation and its inlaid bolts. In addition to the deformation, the metering pump will quickly age and break the gap, so the type of metering pump has a barrier indication. hole.