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Precautions for start-up and operation of metering pump

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-01

First, the preparation of the metering pump before starting

1. Check the oil quality and oil quantity in the station pump (the medium level of the oil mark in the transmission box shall prevail, and the three-valve oil cup of the metering pump and the compartment of the diaphragm shall not be based on the red indicator line).

2. Check whether the welds on the inlet and outlet pipes, the bolts at the joints, the function of the sealing surface are not missing, and check whether the suction and discharge pipes of the pump are unblocked;

3. Before starting the pump for the first time, the coupling should be driven several times, and there must be no jamming. Check whether the rotation direction of the station motor is consistent with the cutting on the pump.

4. Adapt the pump to work, especially if it is parked for more than 5 days. It must be started from “0” stroke when starting. (Short-term stop pump can be started in any direction) After 5 minutes without load, adjust the piston stroke to The required orientation, carrying out the load work;

5. Pressurization work: Close the bleed valve in the three-valve oil cup of the sump pump and gradually add additional pressure to the pressure.

Second, normal work

1. In normal work, the hand pressure of the plunger of the metering pump is not hot and does not leak. The oil temperature in the transmission box must not exceed 650C.

2. Always check whether the oil level and oil quality in the three-valve oil cup meet the requirements, and investigate whether the oil surface is shaken or not.

3. After the safety valve is adjusted, it is forbidden to rotate the conditioning screw, it is forbidden to pull the ball of the charge valve, and the oil in the three-valve cup is cleaned.

4. Always check the feed liquid temperature (generally ≤1000C) and the pump fluid pressure (≤ additional pressure).

Third, parking and other

1. First adjust the volume adjustment organization to “0” position, the crankshaft stops rolling, but the motor is still.

At work, then the power is blocked and the motor stops scrolling.

2. If the pump needs to be stopped for a long time, it is necessary to clean the liquid in the pump to prevent the pump body from blocking and rusting.

3. Generally, 20# or 30# mechanical oil is used in the box, and the extra oil level should be durable in the aerodynamic box and the three-valve oil cup.

4. The lubricating oil in the pump should be replaced every 6 months. When replacing the new oil, the original oil standing committee should be removed, and the new oil should be injected after the replacement.

5. Adhere to the clean surface of the equipment and the excellent insulation of the motor.

6. Make equipment work, stop, trouble, metering pump repair record