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How to maintain the chemical metering pump?

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-02

Check the chemical metering pump pipeline and the link has no loose image. By hand rolling chemical metering pump, sample chemical metering pump can be flexible. Rumors of electronic descaling instrument. To participate in bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body, check the oil level should be in the key line of oil, lubricants should be promptly mobilized or made up. I don't know metering pumps. Unscrew the water diversion plug of the pump body of the chemical metering pump, pour the diversion (or the primer). Close the gate valve and inlet pressure gauge and import vacuum gauge of the outlet road. In fact metering pumps. Point motor, learn metering pump. The motor steering can be accurate. Often adjust the packing gland, aluminum wire pipe. Make sure the drip condition in the packing room is general (in order to drip out advisable). As scheduled to check the wear of the bushing, wear larger after the timely mobilization. How to learn. Chemical metering pump in the cold summer season when the use of parking, how to maintain chemical metering pump. It is necessary to unscrew the lower drain plug of the pump body and put the media clean. Shower. Protection against frost cracking. The chemical pump has been discontinued for a while, and the pump must be dismantled and the junction box underwater. Chemical. Dry the water, the rolling parts and joints coated with grease, properly stored.High-pressure three-plunger pumpManufacturers

No disclosure of chemical process pump in the work through, how to maintain chemical metering pump. Bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, look at the metering pump. The lower temperature does not succeed over 80C. If you find chemicalMetering pumpThere is a sound echo of the pole to reflect the speed of the parking inspection original. Chemical metering pump to use, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then the motor. Chemical metering pump in the 1th month of ratione materiae, after 100 hours of mobilization of lubricating oil, 500 hours in the future, oil change once.