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Working principle of hydraulic press plunger metering pump

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-02

The plunger metering pump of the hydraulic press directly inhales and discharges the working medium (yellow) through the reciprocating motion of the plunger. Since both the plunger and the seal touch the medium, the selection of a suitable plunger material and sealing means ensures that the pump has an aspirational function during operation. The plunger metering pump includes a valve pump and a valveless pump. The plunger type metering pump is widely used in the petrochemical industry because of its simple structure and high temperature and high pressure resistance. The plunger material is stainless steel and oxidized ceramic. The oxidized ceramic has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high hardness. Huai'an dosing device manufacturers.

A lack of a general piston pump for high-viscosity media under high-pressure conditions, a valveless rotary ram metering pump has received increasing attention and is widely used in syrup, chocolate and petroleum enhancers. The metering of high viscosity media is increased. Due to the structural defects that cannot be completely blocked between the metered medium and the lubricant in the pump, the plunger metering pump is subject to many constraints in the use of fluids for high pollution prevention requirements. Plunger metering pumps are used to accurately meter liquids containing solid particles into pressurized or atmospheric vessels and piping. Different types of plunger metering pumps can be installed according to the requirements of the variable frequency motor (can accept 4-20mA current signal) or explosion-proof motor. The plunger pump head has a simple structure, high economy and high measurement accuracy, and it is necessary to select and protect the seal. The lateral active centering between the plunger and the seal ensures less wear between the two.

SJ1-S type plunger metering pump parameter characteristics: single head maximum flow: 50000 liters / hour; maximum discharge pressure: 50MPa; steady state accuracy ± 1%; medium viscosity: 0-800mm2 / s; transport medium temperature up to 450 ° C the above. For more product introduction and price requirements of metering pumps, other instruments are solenoid valves, spectrophotometers, etc.