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Electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump in the quality of the main performance in what aspects?

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-02

ElectromagneticDiaphragm metering PumpIn the quality of the main performance in the following several aspects:

1, the material choice: because the metering pump transportation generally is the strong corrosive liquid, therefore for the direct and is conveyed the liquid contact the corrosion resistant material to have the very big request. Its material selection is divided into structural element materials and sealing element materials, the principle of material selection is the corrosion resistance of materials, processing performance and so on.

2, pump head structure: The pump head is the flow of the measured fluid part, its quality is generally shown in the structure of reasonable, sealing, corrosion resistance.

  Diaphragm type pump head belongs to the conveying element, which is composed of the operation room, hydraulic chamber and hydraulic tank, these parts are interaction, JX-JM type metering pump, wherein the operating room and the metering fluid will have a certain contact, the diaphragm will be separated from the hydraulic chamber, metering pump, and plunger, Double-function hydraulic valve and the internal filling valve will be separated from the hydraulic tank, wherein the dual-function hydraulic valve is composed of exhaust valve and pressure relief valve, the main role of the exhaust valve is to eliminate the gas in the hydraulic chamber caused by the accumulation of metering error, J-ZM type metering pump, and pressure relief valve is the main role of the pump protection, To prevent overpressure conditions.

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