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Mechanical diaphragm Metering pump price
Mechanical diaphragm Metering pump price

Performance Features:

1, mechanical drive diaphragm;

2, completely does not leak, the operation is simple;

3, can transport a variety of flammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive, strong corrosive media;

4, maximum flow 1183l/h maximum pressure 1.0Mpa.

MachineryDiaphragm metering PumpThe motor is driven by a straight-link drive to drive the worm-gear pair as variable motion, and the rotational motion is transformed into a reciprocating linear motion under the action of crank linkage.

Selection Code:

JX-JM type mechanical diaphragm metering pump Technical parameters:

Motor power: 0.37kw-0.55kw Speed: 1400r/min

Mounting Dimensions (mm):