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Plunger Type Metering pump manufacturers
Plunger Type Metering pump manufacturers


Measuring range: 0-400 L/h

Pressure range: 0-1.0 MPa

Drive mode: Motor Drive

Control mode: Manual, Automatic control (can receive 4-20ma signal to adjust the flow)

1, cast aluminum shell, high heat dissipation performance, the overall weight is light, applicable to a variety of acid and alkali liquid, non-toxic tasteless.

2, the use of cam mechanism. The whole is completely leak-free, can be placed on the medicine trough or pipe.

3, contact medium pump head for PVC, optional PTFE, and stainless steel material.

4, cost-effective, universally applicable to the water treatment industry with low pressure requirements.

5, in the pump operation or stop can also be arbitrarily adjusted flow can also be quantified output.

6, diaphragm for multi-layered composite structure, the first layer of super-toughness Teflon acid film, the second layer of EPDM elastic rubber, the third layer of thickness support iron core, the fourth layer using reinforced nylon fiber reinforced, the fifth using EPDM elastic rubber fully covered, can effectively improve the diaphragm service life.Mitton Metering PumpWhat's the best?

J-z Plunger TypeMetering pumpTechnical parameter:

Motor power: 0.75kw-2.2kw Speed: 1400r/min