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Plunger metering pump
Plunger metering pump

Performance characteristics:

1, the maximum displacement of 44L / h, the highest pressure of 6.4Mpa;

2. Simple installation and easy operation;

3, accurate measurement, 0-100% can be dynamically adjusted;

4, strong chemical resistance;

5, suitable for purification, sewage treatment, laboratories, laboratories and other various small metering and adding liquid.

The valveless running piston metering pump DR series has a rotary control plunger that is operated by reciprocating and rotating movement of the plunger.

In this way, the plunger itself can open and close the suction and output ports without the need for a valve, which has a wide operating range of stroke frequency.

JW type plunger metering pump technical parameters:

Motor power: 0.25KW Speed: 1400r/min

Installation size (mm):