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Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump
Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

Performance characteristics:

1. Small size and light weight;

2, the maximum flow of 40L / h, the maximum pressure of 5Mpa;

3. It is suitable for purifying sewage treatment, laboratory and laboratory.

‍ ‍ The metering pump is in contact with the medium to be metered medium as a diaphragm, and the driving part is a hydraulic plunger. Since the diaphragm can be made of different materials according to the medium to be metered, such as Hyperbolon (CSM), fluorinated rubber (FPM), Teflon (PTFE), etc., and hydraulic drive can realize the need for high pressure measurement, so the plunger The field of use of diaphragm metering pumps and industrial and mining pressures have been greatly improved.

J-WM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump technical parameters:

Motor power: 0.25KW Speed: 1400r/min

Installation size (mm):