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Piston Metering pump Manufacturers
Piston Metering pump Manufacturers

Performance Features:

1, the maximum flow 7500l/h, the maximum pressure 64Mpa;

2, flow can be 0-100% dynamic regulation;

3, rugged piston design, anti-corrosion treatment parts to adapt to the harshest environmental design.

Application Examples:

Mixing four kinds of items (resins, pigments, accelerators) in plastic film production

The measurement of viscous bromine-based catalysts in margarine production

Residue of heat in vacuum distillation (200 ℃, solid)

Adding glucose syrup to the confectionery industry

Add Protective Lubricant

Applications in laboratory and pilot plant areas

Metering Liquid wax (150℃,200 PA)

J-T Plunger TypeMetering pumpTechnical parameter:

Motor power: 4kw-5.5kw Speed: 1400r/min

Mounting Dimensions (mm):