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Hydraulic double diaphragm metering pump
Hydraulic double diaphragm metering pump

Performance Features:

1, the maximum flow can reach 7000l/h, the maximum pressure 64Mpa;

2, the pump head can be selected stainless steel, can also be applied lining (F4, F46, F3).

metering pump flow adjustment, can be achieved through the manual knob on the column Seffaland 12, but also through the inverter, servo motor and so on. TheMetering pumpThe flow rate does not change with the pressure change, can carry on the 0-100% linear regulation in the static and the working condition. High adjustment accuracy. wherein the empty plunger is not fixed on the motor eccentric, in the suction stroke, the plunger is Spring 9 rebound back to zero position, thereby effectively preventing the suction medium in the metering head when the blockage caused by the pump damage.

J-TM Type Hydraulic BalanceDiaphragm metering PumpTechnical parameter:

Motor power: 4kw-11kw Speed: 1400r/min

Mounting Dimensions (mm):