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Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump manufacturer
Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump manufacturer

Performance characteristics:

1, the maximum displacement of 3500L / h, the highest pressure of 64Mpa;

2, reasonable appearance design, making installation more convenient;

3, unique three-valve device to ensure more convenient flow;

4, a variety of material diaphragm can be set inside, can transport more media with different properties.

Longxing hydraulic diaphragm metering pump also has safety valve, bleed valve and charge valve. The three valves are indispensable. The take-off pressure of the safety valve is slightly higher than the piping system pressure. The function of the bleed valve is to discharge the gas in the hydraulic end. The charge valve acts to replenish the hydraulic end.

-DM hydraulic balance diaphragm metering pump ‍ ‍ Technical parameters:

Motor power: 2.2-7.5KW Speed: 1400r/min

Installation size (mm):