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Diaphragm metering pump
Diaphragm metering pump

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ Huai'an Longxing Machinery——Mechanical diaphragm metering pump Features:

First, smooth pulse design, no impact;

Second, the stroke can be adjusted under static and dynamic conditions;

Third, a variety of materials and pump head structure optional;

Fourth, optional electric stroke controller;

5. Mechanically driven PTFE diaphragm

Six, liquid temperature 40 °C;

, manual / automatic stroke adjustment optional;

Eight, steady state accuracy ± 2% (10% ~ 100%);

stroke can be adjusted 0~100% (automatic / manual);

, suction stroke 4m water column;

‍ ‍ XI, optional motor controller for automatic control of external signals;

‍ ‍ 12, suction pressure: 20m water column motor frequency 0~100% adjustable (GM pump automatic control mode);

‍ ‍13. Optional double diaphragm pump head structure? Recommended maintenance period: ≤1.0MPa 4000h≤0.7MPa 8000h.