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Where is the engineering advantage of the snail sludge dewatering machine?

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Now everything is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the snail sludge dewatering machine project can reduce the sludge treatment footprint: it can directly treat the sludge in the aeration tank or the sludge in the secondary sedimentation tank, without setting up the sludge concentration tank and storage tank. , saving land. Improve the function of phosphorus removal in the system: the sludge is dehydrated under aerobic conditions to prevent the release of sludge phosphorus under anoxic or anaerobic conditions and improve the dephosphorization function of the system. Simple operation: no filter cloth, filter holes and other easy-to-tag components, safe and simple operation, combined with automatic dosing system, can complete 24 hours unattended operation. Descent system treatment load: sewage sludge integrated treatment, reducing subsequent biochemical reactor

Product advantages:

The scale of application is very wide and can reach 2000mg/L-50000mg/L.

Decontamination can be very wall-mounted, it is very simple to leave, it will not block.

It is environmentally friendly, odor-free, noise-free, and does not require high-pressure area flushing, so it will not be contaminated next time.

The body size is very small, energy saving and environmental protection, the unit power consumption is only 0.1kwh/kgDS, and the unit water consumption is only 0.03t/h.

We are very convenient in daily use, do not need to be guarded by people, and do not need to exchange oil.

1. It is used in municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding consumables, paper, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other occupational sludge. Also suitable for dehydration. When sludge is dewatered, it is not necessary to build a concentration tank or a storage tank, and the construction cost is reduced, and the release of phosphorus and the occurrence of anaerobic odor are reduced. 1. The planning is compact, and the dehydrator contains the electric control cabinet, the metering tank, the flocculation mixing tank and the main body of the dehydrator.

2. Small footprint, simple repair and replacement; the component is extremely small and easy to transfer.

The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is self-cleaning, does not need to be cleaned due to blockage of the filter joint, reduces the amount of flushing water, and reduces the internal circulation. Dehydrate the oily sludge. 1. The rotation speed of the screw shaft is about 2~3 rpm, and the consumption electrode is low. 2. Less problems, less noise oscillation and safe operation.