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Characteristics of electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump

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The electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump is a type of metering pump, which is a special volumetric pump that can measure the fluid being transported. The metering pump is generally composed of a control part, a driving part, a transmission part and an overcurrent part. The difference between the electromagnetic isolation metering pump and the other metering pump is the driving part.

Electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump is a kind of metering pump which is driven by electromagnet and is designed to transport small flow and low pressure liquid. It is simple in structure, easy to control, low in energy consumption, accurate in measurement, convenient in conditioning and cheap in the industry. It is welcomed, its planning principle is “simple and convenient”, but its shortcoming is that the metering flow is small (generally less than 90L/h), and the metering pump has lower requirements on pipeline pressure, which also restricts it in some aspects in industry. Application on.

The world's first electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump was planned and manufactured by Milton Rouge in the United States in 1978. Since then, several foreign brands have been born, either domestically or domestically assembled, and the quality is relatively reliable. In 1997, the first domestically produced electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump with its own intellectual property rights began to produce, which broke the situation that the mall has been monopolized by foreign brands.

The electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump is mainly in the following aspects in terms of quality:

1. Selection of data: Because the metering pump is generally transported with highly corrosive liquids, there is a great demand for corrosion resistance information that is directly in contact with the liquid being transported. The material selection is divided into structural component data and sealing component data. The principle of material selection is the corrosion resistance and processing performance of the data.

2. Pump head structure: The pump head is the over-current part of the metered fluid. The quality of the metering pump is generally manifested in structural rationality, sealing and corrosion resistance.