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Requirements for material handling of spiral sludge dewatering machine

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Folding Screw Sludge dewatering machine can be widely used in municipal sewage treatment engineering and petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial water treatment system. The actual operating condition proves thatFolding Screw Sludge dewatering machineCan be for customers to invent considerable economic and social benefits.

The folding screw machine according to the need to dehydrate the material different also has the different parting characteristic. Even if the same species leave the material, different work

and operating conditions, but also have different characteristics of parting. Separation of material characteristics is precisely the effect of the good or bad and the place

Key factors in the size of the capacity.

The settling rate of the separation of the folded-screw sludge dewatering machine depends on the size and shape of the solid particles. The settling rate can then be

Ways to recuperate and improve, small part for us a few strokes

1. Adjust the temperature of the operating conditions, in order to improve the viscosity and increase the liquid, and the density difference between the solid phase;

2. Increase the flocculant to increase the solids particle size and change the particle shape of the solid-state granular coagulation group.

In addition to the above two methods, about some difficult to handle the material, but also by the following ways to operate!

1. Increased aspect ratio

2. Adjust the speed of the photoconductor drum

3. Adjust the differential between the photoconductor drum and the discharge helix

4. The tapered segment of the half cone angle of the altered photoconductor drum

5. Adjust the liquid phase outlet overflow radius

6. Change the number of discharge screw and screw head and helix angle

7. Increase the BD board structure