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Application of Dosing Device in Oilfield Wastewater Treatment

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-03

In the process of oil exploitation, a large amount of oilfield sewage mixed with crude oil will occur. This kind of sewage will be treated and returned to the ground to ensure the normal pressure of the underground oil mine. Now, the oilfield sewage treatment in China is mainly divided into degreasing treatment. And filter processing two levels of processing, today to explain how to use the dosing equipment to treat sewage in the oil field:

1. It is understood that the degreasing treatment process in oilfield wastewater treatment can use flocculation treatment method. The so-called flocculation treatment method is for the crude oil in oilfield sewage, which is generally suspended in several forms such as suspended, smashed, emulsified or dissolved. In the characteristics of sewage, the flocculant is used to adsorb and flocculate the oil in the water, and the scattered oil is concentrated together to facilitate subsequent oilfield sewage treatment.

2, the use of flocculation method to treat oilfield sewage demand based on water volume equipment one or more automatic dosing equipment to meet the demand for pharmaceutical additives. Moreover, since the oily sewage belongs to the refractory sewage, it is necessary to pay attention to the accuracy and investment ability of the equipment in the process of adding the medicine. As long as the automatic dosing equipment with high precision and high dosage can be selected, the user can satisfy the user's treatment of oilfield sewage. Water treatment equipment manufacturer

The use of dosing devices to treat sewage in oil fields has an outstanding effect, and the price of such a treatment process is relatively low. The use of automatic dosing equipment in oilfield wastewater treatment is here, and we look forward to assisting us.