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Metering pump flow range

Edit:Huaian Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-03

1. Flow rate of metered liquid: The selected metering pump flow rate should be equal to or slightly larger than the required flow rate of the process. The use scale of the metering pump flow is preferably 30 to 100% of the additional flow rate of the metering pump, and the repeating reproduction accuracy of the metering pump is high at this moment. Considering the economy and practicality, it is proposed that the practical demand flow of the metering pump is selected as 70~90% of the additional flow of the metering pump;

2. The primary characteristics of the liquid being metered: such as chemical corrosivity, viscosity and specific gravity. Determine the pump head (hydraulic end) raw materials: After the specific model specifications of the metering pump are determined, the raw materials of the over-flow part are selected according to the characteristics of the overflow medium. This step is very important. If the selection is not correct, the medium will be corroded and damaged. Flow components or media leaking pollution systems, etc. If there is a serious accident, you may form a major accident. If you cannot determine it, please consult with us.

3. Back pressure of the system: The additional pressure of the selected metering pump is slightly higher than the required maximum pressure, which is generally 10-20% higher. Do not pick too high, too much pressure will ruin the energy, add equipment and operating costs;

4. Appropriate suction height;

5. Other options for demand, such as analog manipulation, pulse volume manipulation, flow monitoring, and timers.