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High-pressure three-plunger pump price
High-pressure three-plunger pump price

Power of the Pump

The effective power of the pump: within the unit, the pumped liquid from the pump is obtained from the energy known as the effective power.

NE=PQ type medium ne effective power, p full pressure, q flow.

After the unit is replaced, the formula becomes: Ne (KW) =1/36.7xp (kgf/cm2) XQ (m³).

Considering the power loss caused by the efficiency of the transmission device, mechanical friction, volumetric efficiency, medium temperature rise and other reasons, when choosing the original motive power, the low pressure reciprocating pump, n=1/(0.85~0.9) n, the high pressure reciprocating pump, n=1/(0.75~0.85) n.

Reciprocating pump application Range plunger pump is mainly suitable for high-pressure small flow, the pump needs to be constant or quantitative, proportional delivery of a variety of different media, or require good suction performance, or the need for self-priming performance occasions. In today's world of energy shortages, reciprocating pumps as energy-saving products, in the energy mining, oil fine chemicals, food and drug processing, and many other industries have been widely used. This kind of pump structure is more complex, the matching is strong but the versatility is poor, the variety is many and the batch is small. JiangsuPlunger metering PumpCompany