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High-pressure three-plunger pump supplier
High-pressure three-plunger pump supplier

Characteristics of high-pressure plunger pump

1. Instantaneous flow is pulsating

This is because in the plunger pump, the liquid medium suction and discharge process is alternating, and the piston in the displacement process, its speed is constantly changing. In a pump with only one operating chamber, the instantaneous flow of the pump varies not only over time, but also discontinuous. With the increase of the working cavity, the fluctuation amplitude of instantaneous flow is getting smaller, and even in the practical can be considered as turbulent flow.

2. The average flow rate is constant

Theoretically, the pump flow only depends on the main structural parameters of the pump n (reciprocating times per minute), S (piston stroke), D (piston diameter), Z (number of Pistons), and the discharge pressure independent, and the transport medium temperature, viscosity and other physical, chemical properties Independent. So the flow of the pump is constant.

3. Pump pressure depends on the characteristics of the pipe

The discharge pressure of a plunger pump cannot be limited by the pump itself, but depends on the piping characteristics of the pump unit and is independent of the flow. In other words, if the conveying fluid is not compressible, then, in theory, the discharge pressure of the reciprocating pump will not be limited, can be based on the characteristics of the pump device piping, to establish any required discharge pressure of the pump. Of course, all reciprocating pumps have a pump discharge pressure regulation, this is not to say that the pump discharge pressure will not rise, but only that due to the original motive power rating and the pump itself is limited by the structural strength, not allowed in excess of this discharge pressure to use.

4. Strong adaptability to conveying medium

Plunger pumps can be transported in principle to any medium and are virtually unaffected by the physical and chemical properties of the media. Of course, due to the material and manufacturing process of the hydraulic end and sealing technology limitations, sometimes can not adapt to the situation.

5. Good self-priming performance

Plunger pump not only has good suction performance, but also has good self-priming performance. Therefore, for most reciprocating pumps, it is usually not necessary to pump before starting. High machine efficiency and energy saving.Plunger metering PumpWhat's the best?