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Wholesale Spiral Sludge dewatering machine
Wholesale Spiral Sludge dewatering machine

Working principle

1, Concentration: When the screw-driven shaft rotation, is located in the drive shaft periphery of the multi-solid laminated sheet relative movement, under the action of gravity, water from the relative movement of the overlapping gap filter out, to achieve rapid enrichment.

2, dehydration: After the thickening of the sludge with the rotation of the spiral axis continue to move forward, along the direction of the mud cake exit, the spiral axis of the pitch gradually smaller, the gap between the ring and the ring gradually become smaller, the volume of the spiral cavity is shrinking; at the exit of the back plate, the internal pressure gradually enhanced, in order to push the The water in the sludge is squeezed out, and the filter cake has a constant increase in solids content, which finally realizes the continuous dehydration of the sludge.Water treatment EquipmentManufacturers

3, self-cleaning: the rotation of the spiral axis, to promote the continuous rotation of the swimming ring, the equipment relies on the movement between the fixed ring and moving ring to achieve continuous self-cleaning process, which cleverly avoids the traditional dewatering machine ubiquitous clogging problem.